Farm Holiday

“I Mori” is an authentic, typical and characteristic Country House.

Guests are offered traditional snacks and dinners made with the organic products, cultivated on the farm itself.

During their holiday, guests can stay in bedrooms or apartments.

“I Mori”, a four-star facility, has also been awarded a seal of approval that indicates how much care and attention are constantly devoted to its restoration, the welcome of its guests and the management of the services.

The passion and consideration that the owners show their guests upon arrival is certified by the Hospitality Prize, won in 2008 (“Premio Ospitalità 2008” set up by ISNART). The owners warmly welcome their guests and help them have their dream holiday by suggesting excursions, activities, services, cultural and gastronomic itineraries in the surrounding area.

The property has been registered in the Regional List of Agritourism Operators since 2006, and it has been given a Local Certificate that allows its owners to welcome guests and serve food.

Away from any loud noise, in the peaceful surroundings guests at “I Mori” can enjoy a breathtaking view and experience the pleasure of a healthy stay.

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